Managed Distribution Solutions

Expertise across a diverse range of industries | Experienced, dedicated onsite management|Assessment of fleet requirements |Assessment of staff requirements to support distribution needs; extension of your business | System requirements for optimised distribution |Measurement, reporting and statistical requirements

Tailored & Scalable Fleet and Staff Solutions

Access to Value Group fleet allows scalability and flexibility due to demand /seasonal fluctuation, this also applies to staffing | Ability to purpose build vehicles which address specific distribution needs | Innovative solutions which align to clients’ business strategies whilst continuously optimising their distribution network

Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

Customised distribution reporting mechanisms | Through constant monitoring, reporting and analysis we ensure that optimisation of the distribution model is always being achieved | Remodel and reoptimisation of distribution model in line with market activity

Our Solutions

  • Access customer’s existing distribution network
  • Based on requirements and delivery lead times, design an optimised distribution solution
  • Spec fleet and staffing requirements
  • Continuously innovate to maintain optimisation

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  • An on-site Distribution Specialist
  • Accountable for all distribution and supply chain requirements

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  • Route planning and optimisation
  • Fleet allocation in alignment to delivery demands
  • On-road execution measurement tools
  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Handheld devices allowing GPS Navigation and sign-on glass electronic POD

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  • Ability to build customised vehicles in alignment with business requirements

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